K-Trail Tandem Dually Gooseneck Flatbeds


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Sizes Available:

20+5ft Beavertail 10k Single Wheels – $27,995

20+5ft Beavertail 10k Axles – $29,595

20+5ft Beavertail 12k Axles – $32,695

20+5ft Beavertail 15k Axles – $36,895

25+5ft Beavertail 10k Axles – $31,695

25+5ft Beavertail 12k Axles – $34,795

25+5ft Beavertail 15k Axles – $38,395

30+5ft Beavertail 15k Elec/Hyd Axles – $43,395

35+5ft Beavertail 15k Elec/Hyd Axles – $44,895

Message us for availability and optional equipment.

Prices listed don’t include taxes, licensing, annual inspection, or additional options.

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